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Dreams Essay Examples

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Speech outline dream interpretation

Picture this, you are walking down a country road. Everything is nice and peaceful, all of a sudden, you accidentally trip. But something is off…you haven’t hit the ground. You are falling and falling, everything is going black. You see something while falling, it appears to be the ground, but you’re so disoriented that you’re…

My Dream, My future

“Live Your Values, Pursue Your Dreams, And Follow Your Passions”. This really implies the true ways we must do to have the best future life we could possibly have. Seeing through around the earth, we will find all kinds of people exist in the world. I think why those people are different from each other…

Jay Gatsby And Halvard Solness As Victims Of Their Own Dreams

Do both Halvard Solness in Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder, and Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, destroy themselves in pursuit of their dreams? Clearly, they do, and while their dreams are quite different, they pursue them to ultimately tragic ends. Solness and Gatsby are alike in this critical way. Both Solness…



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Dreams In Group Therapy

Dreams have been employed in psychotherapeutics and psychoanalysis because these mental activities are considered to provide information on the unconscious activities of an individual’s mind. However, several researchers have expressed that the interpretation of dreams has lost some of its more meaningful significance, mostly due to the appearance of other psychoanalytical topics such as transference…

Winter Dreams

Desire is the root of all emotions and future. It gives rise to ambition, love, hope and other things that make people want and strive for what they do not have. However, while desire is the same theme for almost all beginning, the possible endings vary. A story that starts with desire can end in…

Dreaming Better Dreams

There is no doubt everyone has dream. It is an experience that occurs during sleep. However, dreams are not only all about sleeping experience. We have dreams in life and these dreams are the things that we aspire to have, the status that we want to establish, or the kind of life that we long…

Strong relationships

Dreams can be described as reflections, unconscious wishes, and a by-product of mental house keeping or interpreted as a brain activity. Guiley (1998) says, “Dreams are the inner powers that project out creativity which has changed lives”. All these descriptions may be true or false depending on which type of the dream that has occurred…

Dreams and Reality

In the short stories “Araby” and “Eveline”, James Joyce uses a hopeful reality created by dreams to show the separate, but similar, fates of two people toying unsuccessfully with first love. Both characters dream of how their life will change when united with the object of their affection, sees their significant other through the rose-colored…

Dreams and its Interpretation

We have always been fascinated with dreams. Numerous theories on the subject have been proposed since the early Greek period attempting to explain the nature and purpose of dreams. During the ancient times, dreams are believed to be inspiration from the gods. That it, the gods uses dreams to communicate their messages and their warnings….

Discussion about the Play “A Raisin in the Sun”

If the dreams between people clashed in a way that their desires are going towards different unparallel directions, will it be a significant factor that can suggest that the dream will no longer be achieved? Or will it remain to be a matter of what to do and dependent with the ability to adapt with…

A Look from “Dreams from my Father” by Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s narration of mostly his father’s life story transcends many debatable topics such as racism and socioeconomic classifications. Topics such as those brought out literally as needed in his accurate and factual description of their lives but not to create any arguable pointers of discussions. Two scenes in the book that shaped this memoir…

Dreams from my father

The recent victory of Barack Obama in the United States Presidential Election of 2008 is one of the biggest issues among many other big events that have occurred in America this year. This year’s election was even more controversial because of the racial issue, which they barely, if at all, had in previous elections. During…

Animal Dreams

In the story of Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver, the main character named Codi had her struggle towards her relationship with her younger sister Hallie. Regarding this, this article tends to explain why such struggle of closeness towards their relationship turned into closeness which is seemingly far and thus inclusion of the relationship changes are…

Our dreams

It is our constant pursuit to fulfill our dreams that captivates us to seek education and learning. We use this as instruments to satisfy the needed competencies to become capable in the responsibilities and roles our target profession may entail. Despite the occurrence of hindrances and obstacles along the way, each one must use this…

Dream Analysis

When I was little I used to always have the same dream. I was at my grandparent’s old house and it was the middle of the night in their front yard. I was wondering around and when I looked up into the sky there was this huge white bird flying around the mood and the…

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