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ch. 13 psych

Studies have shown that the Big Five personality factors have _____ heritability across several cultures.

Environment, behavior, and personal factors.
Bandura’s concept of reciprocal determinism consists of:

Social cognitive
One way in which the ___ view differs from psychoanalytic theory is that it can be and has been tested under scientific conditions.

Rotter’s Social Learning theory
Theory is based on the principle that people are motivated to seek reinforcement and avoid punishment.

A tendency that refers to striving to fulfill one’s innate capacities and capabilities.

Maslow thought that Einstein and Gandhi were:

Conditional positive regard
Micah’s husband tells her how much happier he would be if she stayed home to raise their children. She believes he would stop loving her if she decided to take a job. Micah’s husband is offering:

Jim constantly worries that he will get bad grades, that he will be late for work, or that something bad will happen to his loved ones. He is often edgy and snaps at his friends. He is likely to be a high scorer on which dimension of the Big Five?

Trait-situation interaction
Walter Mischel believed that different circumstances influenced how traits were expressed, an assumption know as:

Freud’s psychoanalytic
One criticism of ____ theory is that it has many ambiguous concepts that are difficult to evaluate and are not based on sound research

Anal retentive personality
The office of one of your professors is extremely neat and tidy. All the books are carefully arranged on the shelves, and there are no papers lying about. Freud might suggest that this person has a(n):

John’s boss yells at him. As John walks meekly out of the boss’s office, Dana walks past him and says, “Hello!” John yells at Dana and proceeds to berate her for the job she did on the last contract. Freud would say John is using ________ as a way of dealing with his stress.

withdrawing from personal relationships.
According to Horney, a child might deal with anxiety by:

________ countered the concept of penis envy with a male equivalent: “womb envy.”

Behavioral genetics
Cameron was adopted at birth, so now he’s interested in studying the effects of adoption on child development. More specifically, Cameron wants to know if individual traits can be attributed more to genetics or to environmental conditions. Cameron is interested in the study of ________.

Projective test
You are shown a picture of a pink fuzzy cloud and asked to describe what you see. The type of personality assessment that you are most likely involved in is a(n) ________.

Shawna is persistent when it comes to completing a task. Not only does she refuse to give up when things become a bit challenging, but she believes that as long as she puts forth the effort, she will be able to reach her goals successfully. Albert Bandura might say that Shawna has a high level of ________.

Nesreen believes that humans are in control of their own fates, and that an individual’s personality is shaped by the decisions he/she makes throughout his/her life. Nesreen’s belief in how personality is formed best supports the ______ perspective of personality development.

Theo is 6 years old and is about to enter first grade. With his sexual interests repressed, he is ready to begin developing social relationships and intellectual skills. Theo is in what stage of Freud’s developmental theory?

Group Interdependence
If your instructor describes a culture as emphasizing “collectivism,” she is saying that the culture’s values emphasize _______.

Which of the Big Five factors of personality seems to be associated with increased volume in the medial orbitoprefrontal cortex area of the brain?


Temperament is based on:

Personality, character
____ is the unique way in which each individual thinks, acts, and feels throughout life, whereas ____ refers to value judgments made about a person’s morals or ethical behavior.

Halo effect
The tendency of an interviewer to allow the positive attributes of a client to influence how they view the client’s behavior is called:

California Psychological Inventory
A trait theorist would most likely use which of the following personality assessments?

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